Career Day

Career Day is a big deal in elementary school. Parents and volunteers with all types of backgrounds come and talk about their jobs. It is great seeing all of the smiling faces. The children especially love uniforms.

Over the last couple of years, there seemed to be fewer uniforms. Actually, there were no uniforms of service men and woman or law enforcement. Makes you wonder, so you ask around.

At this particular school, a couple of years ago the village idiot P.E. teacher took over the responsibility of finding community members to come and entertain on the big day, and he does not believe in the military. This is a very angering, as there are many good people, far better than he, serving in the military, including parents of some of these children. But, hey, he doesn’t believe in the military.

New rule for Career Day or similar activities: If no one from the services will be at the function, count me out also.

You may want to join this little protest. Tell them: If you are excluding members of the military, exclude me.

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