Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

- Albert Einstein

48 Hours

We will have a pretty good idea of the chaos we can expect in our lives in the next 48 hours. Iran has been beating its chest for months and Syria thinks it is one bad mofo in the Middle East, which means Israelís conflict in the Middle East could spin madly out of control as it escalates. If, on the other hand, Iran does not involve itself directly in the conflict and Syria continues to offer little more than lip service, the situation may be better than we thought.

If Iran and Syria do not act directly, there may be reason to share in an optimistic view that both countries are nothing more than blowhards when faced with a significant military power ó Israelís military is very strong in the Middle East. If this spins out of control, it may be time to start riding your bike before you have to pay $5/gallon for gas in your 7mpg Hummer.

The good news: With a highly successful test in the desert, our missile defense system seems to be coming along well. [Read] (Now is the time to be grateful you live in a country with a strong military, or you need a brain donor.)

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