Thongs. Virgins. Elections. Clear Politics. Let the Games Begin!

Besides the venerable holiday, Memorial Day signifies the traditional beginning of summer, and what a summer we have to look forward to enjoying.

We donít need to worry about politics too much, because according to some of the information floating as news, the election has already taken place and Kerry won. Really, they said the McCain/Kerry ticket was a winner. Interestingly, they didnít say the Kerry/McCain ticket was a winner. Either way, I think Iíll vote on my own, even if it is a foregone conclusion. We wouldnít want the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on campaign ads to be for naught, would we? And, I am a bit suspicious the early proclamation of a winner might be a bit of Clear Politics.

Of course, the summer will also give us June 30th. It comes every year, but this June 30th the Iraqis will be given back the governing of their country. We can only hope this goes well, as too many Iraqis are hoping it does not go too well. No matter how bad a situation, Clear Politics is always available, and if some do not get their fanatic in power, then they are shopping for 72 virgins.

Remember, for too many it is about the politics, but if we sift through enough we can find the Clear Politics, something a non-partisan may know as truth. What a strange concept.

Summer is here, and this one is special. Thongs are still in and the Olympics are around the corner, though having to keep our victorious exuberance down sounds like more Clear Politics, but no one said anything about keeping down the thong exuberance.

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