“Bad” Fiction = Prison

Sad but true. A bad fiction writer has been indicted for writing fiction, that, well:

A woman who authorities say ran a Web site that published graphic fictional tales about the torture and sexual abuse of children has been indicted on federal obscenity charges.

"Use of the Internet to distribute obscene stories like these not only violates federal law, but also emboldens sex offenders who would target children," U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan said Wednesday in announcing the charges…

Freedom of speech is only freedom of speech when one is allowed to be offensive, otherwise it is just cordial agreed upon speech. And what about the U.S. Attorney’s statement “…emboldens sex offenders who would target children…” What about speech that emboldens freedom lovers to rise up and change their government? (Is that encouraged in Iran and discouraged here?)

If freedom of speech is infringed upon in any way, we do not have freedom of speech. In order to have a free and democratic society, there must be freedom of speech…even if you do not like the speech…it only exists if you find some speech offensive.

Be afraid of your government, very afraid… There is no excuse for these infringements.

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