Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

- James Bovard

Democrats Attack Homosexuals?

It is interesting how the (D)emocrats now believe they have a “legitimate” shot at one if not both houses of congress because the (R)epublicans have gay members in their party. Some want to say it is not because Foley is gay that the entire (R)epublican party is corrupt, but because he was attracted to teenage males. Do you know that in some states this young man could have married Representative Foley, if gay marriage were legal?

There are lots of reasons the Republicans should lose—first and foremost is that idea of small government is dead and they are driven by the desire to hold on to power—but it makes you wonder about the Democrats. Yeah, we understand they cannot run on their own ideas and platforms, but to be optimistic because there are gay Republicans? It is reminiscent of the how the Democratic party likes to “talk” about what a caring party they are for the black community, yet somehow many of the highest profile first black political appointments have come from Republicans, as did the end of slavery, but that is not surprising when you look at people as constituencies and not individuals. Actions tend to bear out the fact that Democrats consider minorities, which includes gays and blacks, as inferior classes to be pandered to, not treated equally.

People are people, and fallible, and forgivable, but they are who they are and actions always speak louder than words. Democrats truly believe the end of the Republican era is going to come because they have a gay member in the House of Representatives, a man that most in his district understood to be gay. They truly believe they have a shot because they Republicans have gays under their big tent, not because they have presented a platform of ideas that are superior to what the Republicans offer. The people who put him in office suspected he was gay, but were not interested in his sexuality but his ideas. He was elected for his ideas, running on his ideas, refusing to answer questions about his sexuality.

Republicans will hopefully continue to judge people on their merits and ideas, which means Republicans will be gay, black, white, bi, yellow, red, beige, hetro… and Democrats will continue to be... idealess?

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