Trees? I Donít Need no Stinkiní Trees

When did the environment start to vote? It is amazing how when election time rolls around the politicians start to cater to the environmental fringe. Letís be clear on this, they cater to all fringes around election time, but the whole environmental pandering is such a slap in the face to the fools who follow the folly.

Man did not invent fire. Man did not invent floods. Man did not invent drought. Man did not invent the bacteria killing the oleander out west, nor did man create the glassy-winged sharpshooter that is bringing about the destruction of plants. And, to show how lame we really are, man did not invent oil. (For those of you who donít know, it is in the ground. Face it, there are many who donít know.) But does that stop the politicians?

It is Clear Politics when they start pandering to the environmentalists. We are just visitors cruising through space on this gift of a planet, a planet we cannot destroy, that is constantly adapting and will be here long after we have had our ride, even if we make it a couple million years, which is not drop of sand in environments giant hour glass.

Though, that probably does not sound so good on the campaign trail. The question I have is who are the fools thinking that man has control over the plant, the environment, and that politicians who sit behind desks and in front of cameras and crowds have the answer? No matter what we do, the environment will adapt. Will we? Will the politicos save us? Iím not waiting.

I have met a lot of strange people in life, read many written words, and though there seems to be a fringe of crazies everywhere, you do not hear a lot about the ďDestroy the EnvironmentĒ movement. Where are these freaks, I want to hear there side. (Perhaps they think we are slowing evolution by hindering the natural destruction/resurrection cycle.)

I have planted hundreds of trees and thousands of plants in my day, and not once did I do it to save the planet, to save the environment, but they sure majestic and Iíll be planting more tomorrow. (Wait! If I plant them where there were none before am I destroying the environment? Iím definitely changing it, and isnít the some law that only ants and birds can plant seeds?)

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