Politics. Positions. And a Date.

Dates. We all seem to love them, though we should never forget it is a man-made construct, a unit of measurement and little more.

The end measurement for the time our troops are expected to continue the upholding of the new Iraqi government is 2006. Rather close date, when we consider what is at stake. And though all dates are flexible, why can we not just say we will be there until the job is done, or perhaps we could say we would stay until it is safe to leave, or that we will leave when asked to leave by the new government? Oh wait, itís politics, Clear Politics. There are those who demand dates.

People seem to fancy dates, as if that is the solution to their problems, the achievement of their goals.

2006 will come, and go, and hopefully we will leave Iraq because it is time, because if we leave for any other reason, we will be back, again. And let us not forget the George I failure: He left before finishing the job the first time, so back we went.

Letís leave so that we may never have to return again, in 2006, or sooner, or later, but when it is time.

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