Enemy Strongly Support Democrats

As a member of the CIA tells it, "They want to bring the war to our soil." Too many do not want to believe this, despite the words of Jihadists. Does it not speak volumes that those with whom we are at war consider it their victory that the Democrats won?

In every one of the 13 visits Rumsfeld paid to Baghdad, he was been given a taste of the final defeat he and his party were going to suffer in Congress. Iraqis are far from satisfied with what has befallen Rumsfeld. They are looking forward to seeing other heads roll, including those of his US and Iraqi cohorts, which are bound to be chopped off either by the Democrats in Washington, or at the hands of Iraqis determined not let the occupier and his lackeys get away with the catastrophic damage they have done in this country. [Read]

To our enemy, it is a hundred year war. If you fight an enemy who is waging a hundred year war over a two year election cycle, you will lose.

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