Religious War

A couple of days ago there was the Hinduís take on Islam. At the end a simple question was posed, Is this a holy war?

From the perspective of our enemy, that question does not need to be asked, as the answer is affirmative, but why are we not asking that question? Clear Politics? Yes, dangerously Clear Politics. But still, what is the answer?

Our next president will be a Christian, not out of requirement, but this is a fairly Christian society, even for those who do not believe. So, again, is this a holy war and can we discuss it as such?

Do we want to discuss it as such? It is Friday, in a week of graduations for many. What kind of world are they being gifted? Was the commencement speaker any good? Inspiring? Do you have hope? Remember, the mess we make now we should do our best to clean up, as we want to leave a better place for future generations than what was given to us. Always improve, itís a simple goal.

Now that the weekend is coming, we need to make plans. Perhaps for entertainment we can listen to Al Goreís speech, or ponder the civility and stature of a dignified Bill Clinton. Going to the Harry Potter movie is out of the question, as I fell asleep during the last two, but The Corporation sounds like an interesting documentary aboutÖ you know. Perhaps those of you in Governator country will ponder whether The Church or Science will win when facing off on the ballot. (Letís not forget, science is a powerful, consuming religion, with reason on its side.)

Holy wars, whether on the other side of the world or Kalifornia, will spark passion and debate, and will inspire a great deal of Clear Politics. Perhaps a beer? A glass of wine? Yoga? Or, if you are in California, some medical marijuana? Whatever helps you get to a better place than Al Gore, give it a shot and enjoy the beautiful week. It will be terrorist free, guaranteed.

Now, compliment a graduate, wish them well and enjoy.

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