Edwards' Selfless Pursuit

How relieving it must be for the followers of John Edwards to learn that he is not going to let his wife's bout with terminal cancer interfere with his personal ambition to become the next president of the United States.

How proud you must be of his pursuit.

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wade simpson wrote:

come on. I'm a strong conservative, but don't do this. This only hurts our campaign. Besides, stop worrying about him he has only a slight chance anyway, if that. Worry about Obama/Hillary and the other far left liberals.
03/22/07 21:56:32

wade is correct, but wrote:

I agree, Wade, but it is also true that Edwards is one of the most self serving candidates on the trail. He will amount to nothing, but there is little doubt about his nature, which is why he will never be president.

Is he using his wife? He is incapable of not.
04/11/07 11:31:24

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