Murder Offsets

Explain the difference:

Al Gore says that we are killing the planet, which we would all have to agree is far more disastrous than killing an individual. His damaging of the planet is far worse than most, yet it is acceptable because he purchases “carbon offsets” which excuse his damaging lifestyle.

If this is this case, and his abuse to the planet’s eco-system can be “offset” with carbon credits, why could equally wealthy individuals not be allowed to murder, as long as sufficient “murder offsets” are purchased. For every peace of life saving equipment they invest in, they have the right to murder an individual.

Absurd. Crazy talk, you say. Please, what is the difference?

posted at 15:44:48 on 03/25/07 by clearpolitics - Category: Proclamations - [Permalink]

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Dennis Lafont wrote:

Brilliant!...about time someone found an effective way of exposing Al Gore's hypocritical, "mass murder offsets".
03/28/07 19:30:08

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