Bad Things in Perspective

For some reason, we feel we must act when something bad happens, that we must change our society. It is a tragedy that over 30 people were gunned down today, but we must also recognize that it is an isolated incident that does not happen on a regular basis.

Like all things turned into political issues, clear politickers will use this issue to define their agenda. It will not be how you honor those who have passed but dishonor and use those who have been taken for political gain.

It is a tragedy. Over 30 people were killed by a gunman. This is being considered the worst mass murder in the history of the United States. Before you start discussing how society must change and security heightened, remember the others that have died. No, not the thousands we are told are unacceptable losses in the Middle East, but the 42,636 people killed in vehicle accidents in 2004, and the 42,884 in 2003, and the… Yes, the well over 100,000 killed in vehicle accidents on our highways in this decade alone. Deaths we accept as a small price for the convenience of transportation.

These 30+ deaths are tragic because they were unexpected and at the hands of another. There will be 30,000 more this year we will accept.

Honor the dead by honoring their life, not by using their tragedy to gain political advantage and steal the freedom that gives this country hope.

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Jason Sinclair wrote:

I read the numbers on the dot site, but an average of 100+ people per day killed in traffic accidents still sounds high. I know it is accurate, but still.

I read another report that stated how many were alcohol related. We would be better off banning booze instead of guns.
04/18/07 09:24:46

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