To Live or To Conserve

We all have to make choices in life. Al Gore is not driven around in a small car, because there is something he values more than the environment, his life. Yes, his single, empty, pudgy life, he values more than the environment, which is why he wants you to drive a small car -- not only does it save gas for him, but when he is in an accident, you die.

The sad but true fact that so few wish to discuss is that making cars smaller and lighter to increase full efficiency has cost lives. Yes, your save the environment rant has cost many lives, but what do you care, you are alive and people think you are a good person who wants to safe the environment. You are not. You are a killer. A kind, stupid killer.

"Of the 15 vehicles with the lowest death rates, none were small cars." [Read]

Yes, size matters.

(Is this why Al Gore and Michael Moore are so big? Do they use far more than their fair share of resources in order to crush the competition?)

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