Campaigning Continues, Expands to Cells

Clearly, this week is going to keep the politicians on their best behavior, as most do not want to get out of line and be accused of taking advantage of the death of a great leader. Reaganís death has caused a lot of reflection, and some of the usual outrage from the bitter few.

News still continues, though the campaigning has been minimized. What kind of news do you want:

Bush leading in the polls? Then the Investor's Business Daily/TIPP poll is for you.
Kerry lead? Gallup.
Kerry lead shrinking? Zogby.

If you look hard enough, you can usually find a poll to match your opinion, and if not you can make one up.

Where is the Clear Politics play coming from this week? Stem cell research. It has been a political football, and Bush has taken a pseudo-stance against the expansion of the research, while allowing some research. (The stance is about as Clear Politics as you can find.) Many think Reaganís death can help reinvigorate stem cell research.

Who knows where the research will lead. It may not be the scientific answer many hope. It is the fact that the research cannot be pursued that is the issue. It is being pursued in other countries, and in California there will be a ballot measure to fund the research at 3 billion dollars, and since the funding will not be the debate but whether the government can prevent the research, California will pass the measure, most likely, costing Californians another 3 billion they donít have.

Proof that stem cell research is the Clear Politics issue of the moment: "This issue is especially poignant given President Reagan's passing. Embryonic stem cell research might hold the key to a cure for Alzheimer's and other terrible diseases."

Might is always a really big word, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-California, might have said that because of her deep concern for Ronald Reagan. In California, if the measure passes, it will cost 3 billion.

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