Understanding Immigrants from South of the Border

South of the border immigration is, like all things publicly discussed, a political football. Unfortunately, most politicians are so completely removed from anyone besides other affluent citizenry, they see nothing but fear. Especially Republicans, who are sure this is the way the Democratic party will fill its ranks.

If you live in a community that is heavily populated with Mexicans—most “south of the border” immigrants are Mexican—you would not fear that the Democrats are going to fill their voter rolls. In fact, if you knew people who have come from south of the border you would know that Democrats actually have much to fear. Like so many immigrants from failed countries, these immigrants have come to work, and are willing to work hard. People that are willing to work hard and cheap are not looking for a handout.

Let us say that you posted a sign at the border stating that there will be no benefits of any kind, including health care when you are injured. Let us say that we post a sign that says you will work hard and we will take a chunk of your money and give you nothing in return. Perhaps the sign could say: “We will do nothing for you, but you may work as much as you like.” What do you think would happen?

These people are not coming to this country because they want to take advantage of the government. These people are coming to this country because, like most human beings, they want to better their lives. And these are the ones willing to take a risk, to make sacrifices to better their lives and the lives of their family, expecting nothing in return except the opportunity to work for really low wages. Do these sound like future Democratic party members? (Yes, the Democrats will try to woo them with government handouts. Though, is the big spending Republican party any different?)

As for the argument that they are breaking the law: Go to Mexico, and ask if you would not break the law to walk across an artificial line on a map to better your life. And then ask yourself why, if we are so concerned about the law, we do not prosecute the employers who hire them—these are people who are not breaking the law to better their impoverished lives but are breaking the law to take advantage of others. This is not about breaking the law.

We could suggest this be discussed on a pure philosophical level without the politics, but that would be to ask for more lies.

Republicans have nothing to fear from these immigrants. The Democrats will be surprised.

That being said: In no way do we here at Clear Politics believe the current reform being discussed is in the best interest of all parties, it is more clear, bullshit, politics.

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