Still Reflecting

As said, reflecting is what much of the week is about, but there must be some acknowledgement of how many who describe Reaganís accolades start by describing what Carter was leaving behind. And what a mess it was, but you knew there was a change in the air quickly, as the hostages were on their way home when Reagan became president.

There are those on the left who are still attacking Reaganomics, and letís face it, no one likes the deficit, but could you image what we would look like with a continuation of Carternomics? We would not be the economic superpower we are now. And as for freedom, democracy, the whole world would be different, and not in a good way.

Perfect? Of course not, but when you read some of the bitter, vitriolic portrayals of President Reagan, you wonder if Clear Politics is the MO of some of these people under all circumstances, 24/7.

No, he was not perfect, but we are in a better place because of him, because he defeated Jimmy Carter, popularly and electorally, for those concerned about such matters.

It makes one wonder, though. When Carter goes, are those on the right going to let him go peacefully into the night? (Will they give him kudos for zero-based budgeting? It could be a very good thing in reducing the size of government.)

Libertarians are safe, as the party has never had a president since itís founding, though some of the founding fathers fit the profile well.

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