Moore Does Good

Not always a fan of Michael Moore and his ways, but consistency calls us to give credit when credit is due, and with Sicko he has a winner.

Anyone who has experienced the nightmares of a HMO know that there are problems with our health care system. The question is, “What is the solution?” There seems to be no simple answer, for as good as Sicko is, it is one sided.

Watch this quickie:

The biggest step you can take toward good health care is to stay healthy and not use the health care system. Unfortunately, we all find ourselves in need of medical assistance. Should medical assistance be available to all?

It is disappointing to know that there are good people going without medical care and people with inherited wealth—a situation they were born into—like Paris Hilton, George Bush, Al Gore and Donald Trump, Jr. who will never have to worry about receiving the best health care their inheritance can buy.

Yes, something is wrong, but we do not want to trade it for something that is worse.

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