Clear Politics, Clearly

I. Lewis Libby Jr., AKA "Scooter" -- what adult goes by the name Scooter? -- has had his sentence for perjury commuted by President Bush. [Read] Clearly, an act of clear politics as usual. Then, again, was his conviction for perjury a bit of that nothing but clearly politics battle? Makes you wonder how others have been treated for their untruthful indiscretions. Perjury? Sounds familiar...oh yeah, some politician named Clinton. Wait, let's not forget some woman who makes a good drink named Martha.

Perjury is clearly a part of the political game, and there should be consequences. Consequences for Clinton behind bars? None. Consequences for "Scooter" behind bars? None. Consequences for Martha? A bit o' time behind bars. Conclusion: Politicians are above the law. (Raise your hand if you are surprised.)

If anything, send the man to jail because he goes by the name Scooter. All the rest is clear politics, but when are we going to get to the underlying principals of this country and remind politicians they are not above the laws they create?

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