Oil is Available

Talk to those who fear tomorrow and you will hear the woes of the impending oil shortage. Fear that grips the throat of tomorrow is unnecessary, when, like the current global warming fad, the prediction that all the coming days will bring is bad news.

As technology has increased, so has our ability to discover new sources of oil and extract oil that at one time was not usable. Also, though this is going to be hard to fathom, science does not “know” the source of oil we call “fossil fuel”. The accepted theory of oil formation is biogenic; hydrocarbons created by the fossilization of plants and animals. There is a theory that disagrees; the theory of abiogenic petroleum origin, which states that “petroleum is produced by non-biological processes deep in the Earth.” Translation: it is formed within the earth’s crust from extreme pressures and is continually being created.

As to which theory holds true—we must consider it is neither—only time will tell. That being said, there is no need to fear tomorrow. We will have oil, an abundant and beautiful discovery that has improved the life of every person on this planet. It will be here tomorrow.

If you want to fear anything, fear an economy whose currency is losing power to the Thai Baht.

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Detroit wrote:

Oil is beautiful. Thanks for the uplift, I just wish you were not correct about the economy.
07/26/07 23:10:12

Bob Hawke wrote:

Please.... stop with the currency crap! The dollar constantly goes up and goes down. It's a cycle.. like the stock market.... CALM DOWN!! Good God!
10/26/07 16:42:20

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