Bush Continues Government Bloat

President Bush on Friday outlined ways to help homeowners facing foreclosure - the administration's first effort to deal with an expected wave of defaults fueled by the mortgage crisis. [Read]

If this is the government's role, why did they not step in when prices were skyrocketing and ridiculous loans were being written? And why should we have to pay for this when most of us are responsible?

The initiatives, which are not aimed at bailing out lenders or speculators, are designed to help homeowners with risky mortgages keep their houses.

Not aimed at bailing out lenders?! Anything you do to keep the borrower from going under helps the lenders. This is nothing more than a bail out of the lenders at the the expense of those who are responsible.

If this fat, bloated, socialist, lying central government wants to give to business again, then pay for it with a surtax on mortgage firms. Better yet, let the free-market they claim to believe in so strongly work.

These types of programs are a perfect example of government: helping the least responsible at the expense of the most responsible.

This is disgusting. The government has become our mother, and she is unfit to parent.

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