Your Are a Cog

The more the government decides how you will live your life, the less life you are living:

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that a mandate requiring every American to purchase health insurance was the only way to achieve universal health care but she rejected the notion of punitive measures to force individuals into the health care system.

"At this point, we don't have anything punitive that we have proposed," the presidential candidate said in an interview with The Associated Press. "We're providing incentives and tax credits which we think will be very attractive to the vast majority of Americans."

She said she could envision a day when "you have to show proof to your employer that you're insured as a part of the job interview like when your kid goes to school and has to show proof of vaccination," but said such details would be worked out through negotiations with Congress.

Democrats: Leading the way to individual insignificance.

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Robert Bruce wrote:

Another proposition by a Clinton, sounds attractive but when you put makeup on a pig it is still a pig! All verbage no specifics. Once again, a ploy to get votes... then to pursue her own personal agenda. As a matter fact, i may have to get her health care plan because as often as i see her on the news i get ill.
10/23/07 16:42:34

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