Giuliani Most Conservative?

There are those who knock Giuliani as not being a true conservative because he is "socially liberal". Au contraire, does not the true conservative remove the government from the social fabric of society? Is it not the true conservative that can embrace the social liberal as well as the social conservative because the roll of the government should have a minimum impact on the lives of the citizenry? Also, can one not be a social conservative in their beliefs but allow a social liberal to embrace their beliefs?

A true conservative is a social liberal, even if they live and embrace a socially conservative lifestyle. Conservatism is supposed to be about the minimization of the role of government. It can be well argued that to be anything other than a social liberal is not a true conservative but a big government liberal with slightly differing views; as both would believe the government should be greatly involved in your life.

A conservative believes in the reduction of government in people's lives, not simply in the operation of business or taxes, but in their lives. That means allowing people to lead them as they must, making stupid decisions they do not agree with, but letting them make those decisions in hopes that we can all learn from the consequences.

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