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There are people who make decisions not on the political posturing of the moment but because they have a deep conviction to do something, to take action. So much of what politicians do is getting others to act, few employ their own hands, leading by example.

It cannot be called politics when someone like Pat TIllman gives up a lucrative career in professional football to become a Ranger in the US Army to defend this country. As others quickly dismiss what happened when we were attacked and continue to pontificate and posture in the manner that is nothing more than Clear Politics, Pat Tillman went out and took action, did what he felt he needed to do to help preserve and protect, to serve his country.

When you hear empty words that are simply Clear Politics to others, remember there are soldiers who serve to protect our interests. Most who believe. None who wish to die, but wish to serve.

To some, there is much worth fighting for, to others there is nothing worth dying for. Only one of those groups is giving, as giving requires action.

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