Proclaiming Freedom

Why, oh why must this madness be so? A national day of mourning where government workers take the day off, and if they must work they receive holiday pay, while those of us who keep the government pumps primed have to be good little worker units. Thatís not only Clear Politics, but insulting Ė more insulting than usual. I quit!

If they take the day off, Iím taking the day off and so should you. Itís beautiful outside, and I mourn best when I see the beauty that exists.

Clear Politics? No, clear reasoning. Iím not working so they can mourn in the comfort of their guaranteed check.

Enjoy the beauty and the weekend that comes with it.

; )

posted at 07:54:00 on 06/11/04 by clearpolitics - Category: Proclamations - [Permalink]

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