Global Power Grab

Global warming is not only farcical but the ultimate power grab. Those who want power are praying on your fears...fears derived from lack of knowledge.

When they threaten 'the earth will be changed forever' it assumed you are too stupid to realize the earth always has and always will be changing. When you are told to 'fear the rising sea level' it is assumed you do not know that sea level has been significantly higher than the worst prediction--that is why you can find sea shells in the desert. When you are told that the cause of the these changes is 'human based' it is assumed your concept of planetary history is not comprehensible beyond your short lifetime. The global warming hysteria is based on the assumption you are a moron--and many are proving the power grabbers correct.

History is rife with examples of those using the human condition of fear to seize power and control of the citizenry, and there has never been a clearer demonstration of a global power grab than we are experiencing now. The same people who say you should be panicking are jetting around the globe to discuss the issue, demonstrating everyday by their actions their believe is that you should entrust your futures in them without question.

BTW: Is it not interesting that the same people who believe George Bush uses 9/11 to infringe on our freedoms and seize power cede their freedom to their ignorance of earth's inevitable change? Long live lemmings.

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