Paying Down Your Debt?

Are you trying to be responsible and pay down your debt? Unfortunately, the government is borrowing on your behalf--to buy your loyalty.

At this moment, you are obligated to pay more than $9,171,944,896.23. It's higher now. Now higher. Going up...

[Watch how fast the cash is obligated on the bottom of the right column. Sad.]

Is there a possibility anyone might ask the candidates how they plan on paying down the national debt? Any of them consider it a priority?

Do you not mind the politicians borrowing money in your name?

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Republicae wrote:

One major problem with paying down the debt, it can't be done. The debt is proportional to the currency circulation and if the debt is paid down then the circulation of the currency is contracted and economic depression ensues however, there is another problem and we are about to face it.

We should all consider several things concerning the Federal Reserve’s fiat monetary system; it has an inherent terminal point that will eventually breach the systems viability. A few years ago the system reached its Peak Practical Lifespan where the economy is no longer able to tolerate what would once we considered minor disruptions, such as small interest rate hikes. The next step on the terminal time-line will be when the system reaches it Maximum Possible Lifespan when massive financial dislocations begin to occur rapidly as domino falls upon domino. The unraveling of the economic rope will be so rapid and intense that nothing the Federal Reserve does, or other the global Central Banking Cartels, will be able to stem the complete systematic annihilation of the monetary foundation of the global economy.

Since the entire system, and indeed all of society as we now know it, is built upon a fiat monetary system once that system implodes due to the weight of the massive debt upon which it is created, everything collapses. Every Fiat Federal Reserve Note, whether digital or physical, is borrowed into existence with nothing backing it but the debt itself. The system relies upon the expansion of debt to maintain its viability and it is that very expansion that will cause the eventual collapse of the system since there comes a point where the debt requires much more servicing than the economy can possibly produce. It is a classic Catch 22, and unfortunately there is no remedy that the government or central bankers can readily produce to avert the termination of the system. The emerging chaos will be unimaginable and totally unmanageable. Say bye, bye to life as we know it.

Imagine there is only one presidential candidate addressing what will be one of the most important issues this nation and this world have ever faced in history. What does that say about the caliber of this field of candidates?
12/17/07 12:31:51

clearpolitics wrote:

Interesting, though the debt can be paid down. Even with our current monetary system, the government does not need a "debt"--obligations incurred with borrowed funds.
12/21/07 17:26:42

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