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If you want to see the true intellectual integrity of a bunch of active Democrats, take a look at this post where they are encouraging the 200,000 visitors to use e-mail for evil, as if that is not already enough the SPAM we all face.

Proud partisans, they are. Remember, actions speak louder than words. And look how they propose to act.

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smarter than you wrote:

Um, it's actually an email campaign to counter another email campaign started by these folks:

Who are more likely to be in line with your politics. So if you're going to go throw stones, you should beware of your glass house.
06/14/04 13:37:41

clearpolitics wrote:

And that makes it right why?

I will say that you are right about their campaign being inappropriate. Perhaps even more so, as they say, "We need these executives to be overwhelmed with letters, phone calls and FAXes… in addition to emails. Sending an email alone is not enough – since in some cases an aide can easily click 'DELETE.'"

Again, though, let them dirty themselves. Is there no one that has any integrity? You seem to disapprove of their campaign, yet approve of one that is for your cause.

If it's wrong it's wrong. Kind of like the death penalty. If killing is criminal, it's criminal. Reason does not follow that killing the criminal is acceptable.

Glass house? If it is, it has a strong foundation. A six letter word. I used it here. Begins with R. No, not Republican. A six letter word. Come on.

P.S. My dog's smarter than me. What's your point?
06/14/04 16:30:21

Tom P. wrote:

This is not about an "evil" spam campaign. This is about Americans making their voices heard...something that you and your ilk have repeatedly tried to stop.
06/14/04 16:33:33

clearpolitics wrote:

Do you really think you are going to be heard by this group (http://www.moveamericaforwa...) using this method? I didn't think so. This is not about communicating information, this is partisan battle. Ideas are gone, it’s is battle. Who has the biggest group of following thugs.

My ilk? I am far more interested in hearing other opinions than you suggest you are. Case in point: I have no intereste in an e-mail assault on a group of people who have a differing opinion. I will listen, consider and disagree, or perhaps reshape my view. And you are going to do what because of your differing opinion?

Yes, it is I who wish to quash the voices of my fellow citizens through intellectual exchange. (Doesn’t make sense does it? Perhaps you may want to try that one again.)

Think about it, what do our actions tell us about who is willing to hear other voices? Think.
06/14/04 16:48:42

Smarter than you wrote:

and your criticism of is where? I see you only attacking the Democrats, who as I see it, weren't simply "spamming," but rather attempting to voice, albeit loudly and somewhat raucously, their concerns that the aforementioned site/organization was attempting to censor through threat of boycott a film that has every right to be seen.

As far as your willingness to debate, I see you only willing to stay in the argument, not necessarily consider and moderate your opinion. It seems the irritating fact for you is not the tactic itself, but that a site that identifies itself as partisanly Democrat is using its collective voice -- or your argument would have been directed at both dKos and MoveAmericaForward.

Say hello to your dog.
06/14/04 18:18:49

clearpolitics wrote:

Ah, if I only critique the Democrats that makes my critique less valid? No, but as I said in my response above, MAF is wrong, and even nastier. Do you suggest an escalation of your response? Perhaps I expect better of your group, than a fringe?

Do you really think they will stop this film? If the theatres can make money from the film, it will be shown, bottom-line. Though I suggest it will not be the huge success some hope because it appears to be so bitterly partisan. Subtlety can often win more converts.

MAF will disappear, perhaps just MoveOn, and I think dKos knew what he was doing when he incited his audience. But, all is fair in love and war, I mean politics, it seems.

The dog says “Hi,” wants to know when you’re coming by to take him for a walk, as I have been neglectful.
06/14/04 21:28:14

clearpolitics wrote:

smarter than you

I'll be gone a couple of days. Would you like to point out the Clear Politicking you see?

Let me know so I can set it up.
06/15/04 17:22:56

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