Old Age = Indentured Servant

Indebted servants are not allowed in these United States, unless, of course, the debt is to the government. In New York, a plan is being promulgated that will enable the elderly to spend their last moments on earth working for the government at $7/hr to pay down their property taxes. [Read]

For those who think they own their home because they paid off the mortgage: stop being so foolish! When you pay off the bank you still have to pay rent (property taxes) to the local government. But what a generous landlord government has become, allowing the elderly to work for their rent.

How can property taxes be abolished so real property ownership can exist? We will all just keep renting from the state--until we tire of seeing them put grandma to work.

Do not sit idly by until they put your grandma to work. Find a solution today.

(Now we can understand what all of those kooks are saying when they talk about modern slavery on the government's plantation. Are we really all slaves to a giant system?)

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