Cold Hard Cash. Very Cold.

Ever think of running for office? Better start small. The amount of money raised by the top two candidates is staggering. Over $300,000,000 and counting. Together, they have already spent over $200,000,000. And though both have plenty of cash-on-hand, they both have managed to accumulate a bit of debt, as any good politician would. Kerry owes over $7,000,000 and Bush owes around $200,000, while each has tens of millions on hand.

Are we for sale? They can’t be spending all of that money preaching to the choir, so it would appear they are trying to buy those precious votes in a few precious places. Still, the amount of monies involved in these campaigns seems to be climbing at a rate that will make elections one of the primary components of the economy before too long.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they just sent us a check with an outline of their message? Cash is good too.

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