Forgetting Fred

Yes, in many ways Fred Thompson is the most Reaganesgue of the conservatives running, but has been unable to get any traction. Unless you can create some type of miracle on super-Tuesday, which is unlikely, he is going home to an early vacation.

We have said Romney and Huckabee will not win the presidency, so who is there to put up a fight against any (D)emocrat? One of the reasons Remocrat George Bush won twice was because the Democrats offered Gore and Kerry, the quintessential non-leaders. Apparently, the right firmly siezes the policy of mediocrity and can find no candidate with exceptional leadership abilities.

There is some evidence that Barack Obama is more conservative than some of those running as Republicans, and if it means winning, Hillary will out conservative them all--made possible by pseudo-Republican candidates. Remocrats.

If the Democrats win '08 it is because there is no true Republican running. Making big government Bush look conservative shows one how far the (R) has strayed.

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