McClinton vs. Obama

With Mitt Romney dropping out the presidential race, it appears that a free spending big government liberal--as if Bush was not--will be our next president. Bush; Clinton; Bush; Clinton? McCain? It looks like the only chance to break the cycle is Obama, unless we want more of the McClinton/McBush same. Is there any chance Obama is fiscally conservative; fiscally responsible?

posted at 12:52:57 on 02/07/08 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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ellajod wrote:

Does anyone get it...Obama will give us moderate income people away...he has done nothing, and has NO experience...what's wrong with you people!!! We need leader who can lead and protect this country...not a smooth talking pal of Oprah!!!!!
02/08/08 11:37:51

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