Attacks on All Fronts

When Americans are being beheaded overseas, it can be a bit difficult to look at some of the issues at home. A beheading, especially when there are pictures, will galvanize Americans, not the outcome the terrorists desired. Fortunately, the ones who did this act appear to have received their justice from the Saudis fairly quickly.

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia depends on US workers to keep their economy running. Due to recent events, the State Department has advised that these workers leave.

The war will continue, even when we are gone, but the war at home has never stopped. What has happened to our system when access to the legal system is prevented by members of HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations)?

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that HMOs cannot be sued by patients over coverage decisions. The suits may have been a bit petty, some would say, but the Supreme Court said that you cannot sue your HMO regarding coverage decisions.

The ruling protects insurers from damage claims by the millions of Americans covered by HMOs, as access to the courts has been barred under a law that limits the liability of such plans. This shields insurers from multimillion-dollar damage awards. And how does this benefit the average American to have access to the courts barred?

President Bush was hoping for this decision from the court, and has opposed legislation giving patients greater ability to take their health insurers to court, has opposed giving citizens greater access to their own courts. (When did we start losing access?)

We can agree to disagree, but when you have taken away my access to the courts as remedy, the system has been fixed in your favor, in favor of the management of the HMOs, When I am barred from suing my HMO, you have limited my access, making me a second class citizen with limited standing before the government, before the law, under the constitution.

Can this be done? It has been, Clear Politics which can only be addressed by Congress.

We can agree to disagree, but when you take away my access we have agreed on nothing. You have dictated, and our politicians, all parties, are for sale toooo cheaply. The question is “Can we buy them back?”

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