Obama On 10 Game Streak

With a win in Hawaii, Barack Obama has won 10 contests in a row against the "inevitable" Hillary Clinton. He is also securing a comfortable lead in the delegate count:

Barack Obama
1315 (1154 Pledged | 161 Super delegates)

Hillary Clinton
1245 (1011 Pledged | 234 Super delegates)

This does not account for the approximately 400 super delegate not yet committed, clearly enough to give Hillary the win, and her most desperate hope.

Though many wish to believe it so, this contest is not over. The fat lady will never sing until she is done skewering Obama with everything she has. (Unfortunately, if everything she has is the ridiculous plagiarism charge, she does not have much to offer in the matter.)

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Tyler Platt wrote:

Hmmm, Obama "comes out of nowhere" to become the front runner in the Democratic race, Romney drops out while Mike Huckabee hangs on, looking pretty to be John McCain's running mate. Huh, it sounds so familiar, oh that's right, I predicted that would happen after the Iowa Caucuses, go figure, Iowa did make a sizable impact after all, just as I had argued before. One should still not count Hillary out of this race quite yet, but more and more, my prediction seems to be proving itself correct.
02/21/08 19:40:57

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