In the Line of Duty

In 75 years there have been 201 CHP officers killed in the line of duty. The 201st was Officer Thomas Steiner, who appears to have been killed randomly so some badass could gain street cred and join a gang, the gang whose membership includes an uncle.

Without good there is no bad, and without bad, good could not exist. So what is so hard about saying what needs to be said? Do politics and the need to cater to everyone preclude one from calling an evil act evil?

The Pomona Mayor shared his view: “While on family will bury a loved on in a grave, one will bury theirs in a penitentiary.” Clear Politics. One is not buried in a penitentiary, in fact it could be said it is a destination of choice. To equate such evil action to the death in the line of duty? Clear Politics.

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