And Today A Little Less

It seems like a bit more freedom is under attack each day. Today, it is from Republican Orrin Hatch, who thinks that it is wrong to design and make available software that can be used in a crime; File-sharing software, to be exact.

"It is illegal and immoral to induce or encourage children to commit crimes," is Senator Hatch’s quote. Yes, this is a bit of obscene Clear Politics, as you do not see Senator Hatch using similar reasoning when discussing gun control issues.

Yes, it is wrong, no, illegal to download music without paying for said music, but the criminal commits the crime, not the software, just as it is the criminal who commits the crime with a gun, and not the gun. This will curtail the development of technology, peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that has uses far beyond illegal file-sharing.

Could Senator Hatch be upset about slow record sales for his albums featuring his inspirational songs? Did al-Quida use software for planning and communicating? Was it from Microsoft? Who? Is he going after them?

For those who would consider this a partisan attack or victory, you should know there are plenty of Democrat co-sponsors for the bill. (Where are the Libertarians?)

If this kind of growing government power does not concern you, then you and a box of rocks have been doing a bit of P2P communicating.

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