Another Manipumentary

Another great weekend is upon, so time for a bit of fun. Yes, that means movies for many, and as you can never escape the politics, even with movies, this weekend it is in your face with the non-documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. But remember, there is so much more to do on a weekend, including sleeping-in and watching a sunset.

Sure, Ray Bradbury is angry at Michael Moore for stealing the title from his well known book Fahrenheit 451. Yes, lefty Christopher Hitchens is a bit upset at Michael for his “piece of crap” movie. There are a lot of people upset, but for the most part it is the wrong people and for the wrong reasons, though Hitchens seems to understand the dilemma.

For those who do not know, the Los Angeles Times waited until right before the election, days, to unload a truckload of stale crap onto candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Right or wrong, it was a very, very clear attempt to manipulate the election. Not only did it not work, it helped Schwarzenegger to victory. Not the intended goal. It is about to happen again.

People, as dumb as everyone thinks everyone else is, are not so easily manipulated. Well, they are not so blatantly manipulated, and that is what Fahrenheit 9/11 is about, the blatant manipulation of the public via a purported documentary. The true ant-Bushers are going to be ecstatic, while the rest are going to realize that the movie is dishonest, disingenuous, and pure propaganda.

The result? The left has embraced this movie tightly, and as it is speaking for so many of them, it will turn off, turn away most “average” Americans. The result of this movie will have the opposite effect of Michael Moore’s desire, of the left’s desire, and will serve the interest of the right and George Bush more than anyone could imagine.

Sure, it sounds a bit contrarian, but watch. People are not as stupid as we all think. We are not as stupid as we all think. We are not as stupid as Michael Moore thinks. The movie will be seen for what it is, a manipumentary.

Dodgeball? White Chicks? Two Brothers? A spectacular sunrise? Sunset? There are options.

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