McCain's Veep: Condoleezza Rice?

There are many who would prefer to see Condoleezza Rice at the top of the (R)epublican ticket, but having her on the ticket may be McCain's most conservative move to date. Wicked strong, confident and smarrrrt, she would draw.

Unfortunately, she is probably too much for McCain, so it is doubtful you will see her on the ticket.

Fantasy: Condi vs. Hillary debate--those who think Hillary is so bright and quick would be greatly disappointed as Condi cleaned the floor with Ms. Hillary. (We know, never gonna happen.)

For months now, there has been a grassroots effort, called "Think Condi 08," to build a groundswell of support for making Rice the Republican vice presidential candidate. But so far it hasn't taken hold and there's no evidence that Rice even wants the nomination. [Read]

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