Still Losing. More Planned.

Another week, and have you found more freedom this week? Already losing a bit more?

The Supreme Court has ruled our government has the power to hold citizens without charges or trial, but that detainees can challenge this treatment in court. Is this one step closer to being guilty until one can prove otherwise?

The administration had wanted a more significant endorsement of its policies, but the still claimed broad confirmation of their authority to seize and hold potential terrorists or their protectors for as long as they see fit, without interference from others.

Planned loss: State Rights?

Republican, even Democrat, administrations tend to talk at length about state rights, rights and responsibilities that belong with the state, and not the federal government. As usual, they believe in this as long as the state is in line with their beliefs, which is not always the case in California.

The Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether sick people who smoke pot on a doctor's orders are subject to a federal ban on marijuana. The Federal Court in California said that it was really none of the federal governmentís business. Do you wonder why the Bush administration asked the Supreme Court to hear an appeal? Do you wonder where they want to go with their control?

Last fall the Supreme Court refused to hear an administration request to consider whether the federal government can punish doctors for recommending the drug to sick patients. Thatís right, punish doctors for prescribing a treatment, but if they want to prescribe morphine or Oxycontin, no problem.


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