Oh My God, Hillary Lied?


Someone is surprised that Hillary Clinton, the consummate politician, lied?

Ducking while escaping sniper fire upon her arrival in Bosnia turns out to be her and Chelsea sauntering off of a cargo jet and strolling casually to the greeting of waiting children. To a politician, there is no difference.

But really, all of the uproar over the fact Hillary lied? As if she has not been lying all along...

Hillary Clinton has been forced to retract a claim that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia 12 years ago after a CBS video emerged contradicting her account, Hannah Strange writes.

The former First Lady was attacked by Barack Obama for exaggerating her role in foreign policy-making during her husbandís presidency, which she has frequently asserted makes her more qualified to lead than her Democratic rival.

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mary wrote:

did she lie or simply had a relapse in her recollection of events
i am more concerned about a presidential candidate who is deeply comnected with a church taht is extremely racist than this comment from hillary
i cannot afford to sell out to obama and his smooth talking speech about race as if the blacks in this contry don't have the same opportunity as whites
i am black and frokm a foreign country and have made good for mysel by working hard. it would have been easy to sit on my behind collecting food stamp and b;aming everyone for not giving me more. i still hold 2 jobs and refuse to be a sorry statistics
the blacks are using with obama as their leader is trying to get to the white house in a very divisive way so the likes of shapton,jackson and other talking head can complete their movement and then they will still be in the same boat, blaming the world
that is why they are all flocking to obama. i refuse to get on that boat and give up my individuality.
i will vote either mccain or hillary.
so isteadt of saying hillary lied, lets ask obama why he sold out his country to a racist church and donated to support the church
03/25/08 12:16:51

What is wrong with Americans wrote:

For all you Clinton supporter you will also forgive the way These evil couple handles innocent people like White House Travel Staffers. How easily you forget all the GATES scandal.

And oh BTW if you have the ability to read please read US Foreign Policy history they don't teach you on media. Every word Rev. Wright uttered is accurate you only need to be honest and objective. Don't get offended or upset when someone points to your brutality after all wasn't it the US dropping the first NUKE bomb on innocenet civilians, how about you know ho many Iraqi Kids our head of state and Hillary Clinton have knowingly and publicly authorized to be killed. So shut up and open your eyes at the end of the day it i not your World. There is a bigger Power and he is watching.

03/25/08 14:30:02

dbski4it wrote:

I did not have sex with that sniper!
I did not sniper with that woman!
I had to avoid sniper fire!
Is it Bill or Hillary?
03/25/08 17:53:41

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