Porn Protected by Supreme Court

So perhaps today we kept a bit of our freedom. Yes, it has to do with porn, but it was decided under the First Amendment. The Supreme Court decision was 5-4, so not the whole court is pro-constitution, only ďpro-good morality

The law they supported overturning was signed by Clinton and is supported by Bush. It would have forced website operators to assign IDís and access codes to visitors before pornographic material could be viewed, thereby protecting the children.

It is the parentís job to protect their children, and there is software available to prevent these sites from appearing, thereby protecting children without the need or help from the government. But then what would the nanny government do to feel good.

Violators would have faced up to six months in prison and fines of as much as $50,000 a day. We have been assured by our government that we will visit this one again. Of course we will, as how can we be responsible with freedom? Itís just too much to handle without guidance and help.

For now, at least, we will take a small, close victory.

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