Divorce. No Longer A Private Matter.

Time to load up on the lawyer fees, again. It now seems that divorce papers are no longer private, after the release of Jack Ryanís divorce papers led him to drop out of his campaign race. His wife did not want the information released either. Both parties tried to keep their divorce proceeding private. So what?

No longer their records, but public records, and there are many excited about the execution of a Republicanís political campaign over a sex scandal. (Actually, it is a non-sex scandal, as he didnít do anything.) So, as this is the new game in Clear Politics, when will John Kerryís divorce proceedings be released?

No, Kandidate Kerry does not want his divorce to be public information, now that he is happily re-married to a billionaire, but this is the game that is now being played, so how can they justify keeping the information private, even if that is what he and his ex want? It is an ugly, ugly game, where only those who enjoy the entertainment of politics are winners. And really, is that not what politics is now, the entertainment world of the ugly people?

Ryan has given up his political pursuits, for now. Kerry has not given up his, so how interesting will his sealed records be?

Sealed records? What does that mean if they are so easily unsealed? Sealed unless they can be used against you? Yet, somehow, records concerning major corporate misdeeds seem to stay sealed? The government manages to seal a great deal. Two consenting adults agree to seal a disagreement? So what.

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