Obama Winning!

Sure, Hillary Clinton may have won the Pennsylvania primary but Barack Obama is leading in the delegate count...even when Hillary wins the popular vote, the delegates are shared proportionally.

This race it still Obama's to win, and Reverend Wright's to lose.

BTW: Some people make a big deal about whether or not America wants a black in the White House. The truth is America is fine with someone from any shade of the color spectrum in the White House, but they do not want a racist--of any color--as president. Obama's association with a reverend who seems to lean a bit toward racism makes one wonder about Obama. That will be hard to overcome.

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Ryan wrote:

wow you just spoke on behalf of America. You can't hold a person responsible for another person's actions especially a politician, or a community organizer. I read all your blogs, only because you have good quotes at the top. You know the only chance the GOP has is to smear Obama on some sort of race related BS, and you do your best part to help the cause on your website. Thats the only thing clear to me.
04/23/08 18:57:41

clearpolitics wrote:

You are right, there probably are some who would not mind a racist in the White House.

But please understand, we have contempt for all of these political figures, from all parties. There is not a great deal of integrity or honesty in any of them, which should be clear.
04/24/08 10:33:38

Ryan wrote:

Fair enoegh
04/24/08 19:11:15

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