The Big Race

And what a race it is when they are fighting over Guam. Though we still do not see how Obama loses this thing, it would not speak well for him to win something small like Guam and lose the next big states, Indiana and North Carolina. Also, Guam is a caucus.

Are caucuses a good idea? Much of Obama's success is due to caucuses, but they are not reflective of the support necessary to win a general election.

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One word summation of his Caucus wins... wrote:

Mr. Obama's success in Caucus states may be summed up with one word....intimidation. Why don't you ask the thousands of people in Iowa and Texas. I took phone calls in Texas about Caucus voting fraud. If there was a book written you would think it was fiction. Unfortunately, it would all be truthful! It is scarry to think he wants to be president so badly that he would cheat. Hmmm, then again he plays the race card continually and claims it is not him........
05/14/08 11:11:05

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