Obama Wins Another Caucus

The is no indication that Obama can win an election, but he has those caucuses down. Unfortunately for him, Hillary is catching on. If she could have garnered four more votes--that's right 4!--should would have won the caucus in Guam.

If she can beat Obama in primary elections in Indiana and North Carolina, she may have a legitimate claim to being the real nominee.

Four votes... Maybe that one vote, yours, really does matter.

posted at 11:58:21 on 05/04/08 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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clear politicss wrote:

Hillary is SCRATHING and MEOWING!! Legitimate?? I think not! Everyone needs to Vote! Vote Hillary and Bill back to New York! We don't need a "female hawk" that's only a few years younger than McCain!
05/04/08 23:13:10

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