Liberals ARE Bitter

It is science, apparently. Conservatives are happier because they have the ability to reason:

Individuals with conservative ideologies are happier than liberal-leaners, and new research pinpoints the reason: Conservatives rationalize social and economic inequalities. [Read]

As we told you long ago, liberal ideology is a disease, probably genetic. Unfortunately, there are not many real conservative out there--as a real conservative would appear almost liberal in their belief in freedom.

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Anthony wrote:

in my opinion there are no liberals or conservatives. just educated and uneducated or smart and stupid people.

anyone who lumps someone into one of these categories (liberal, conservative, democrat, republican) falls under the uneducated or STUPID!

challenge me i dare you - my IQ is 156 - go ahead challenge me!

I believe in NO TAXES, very small government, legalization of certain drugs, freedom, and i am anti-war but 100% pro-troops...go ahead stereotype me, lump me in a category you ignorant fool!
05/26/08 22:14:44

clearpolitics wrote:

Classification allows people to quickly compartmentalize, thereby not having to consider the merit of ones argument. That being said, you would now be classified as a libertarian--small "l" and/or big "L"--but in a classical sense you are right in line with the intent of this counties founders.

IQ points are unimpressive, just another form of the categorization you rail against, but philosophically you present yourself as one who may have the wisdom of reason.
05/27/08 11:09:45

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