Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.

- Frederick Douglas

Choice Should Not Be An Issue

Does it make a difference who says the words, if the words have merit?

There was a pro-choice rally on the mall in Washington last weekend, but why is this an issue? If you are on the Right you are supposed to believe in freedom, and what more is there to have freedom over than your own body? Or is that only a freedom when beliefs are shared.

I have had many a discussion about abortion, and it is generally men who are vehemently opposed to choice. Perhaps they think their seed is sacred, yet the way they drop it in a tissue would lead one to believe otherwise. Are women slaves to men? If so, then I see how men have a claim on a woman’s body. Otherwise, it is not a conversation we even need to engage, it is a woman’s conversation, a personal conversation.

Many women are pro-choice and anti-abortion. That is a stance they understand because as women they do not want anyone to tell them what they can do with their body, and they do not want to tell another woman what she must or must not do with their body. Yet, abortion is not something they personally believe is for them.

Why the conversation? There is nothing to discuss. Abortion is between a woman, her god and her doctor. (If a man plants his seed well, he will be included in the conversation, or better yet the conversation will never need to happen.)

Since men are so vociferous about the argument, maybe we should phrase it in their words. Perhaps we should discuss legislation about when and where a man leaves his seed? Like the futile war on drugs, we could call it the “War on Abortion. Stop the seed!”

Teresa Heinz Kerry made some very thoughtful statements about abortion, and those statements were as a woman not as a politician. "My belief-and I maybe am very wrong-is that women, generally speaking, do not want to have abortions." And, she is pro-choice. What is there to attack? What should be attacked?

The abortion issue should not be an issue, and the first party to fight to make it a non-issue is the victor. Clear Politics, it should not be.

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