The Power of Power

The power of government can be so absolute that it is sometimes useful to watch other governments to see what we need to guard against.

It has been said that the real motivation for the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, one of Russia’s wealthiest businessmen, was because he had political ambitions of his own, and more directly the funding the political ambitions of others who opposed Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Yukos, a successful standout in a country of economic failures, had been doing well, but it is now seen on the verge of bankruptcy, as its former chief executive, Khodorkovsky, sits in jail, having resigned his post while behind bars. It has been said that Putin wants to use oil and gas exports to speed up Russia's economic revival and enhance its geopolitical weight.

It has been a fascinating story to watch, and how Khodorkovsky came to control Yukos is another story of the corruption of Russia. There seems to be no heroes but lots of power hungry super-villains in this story.

How does this relate to us? Easy, the real drama is about power, who has it and who wants it. Those in power want to keep the power, and those who are wealthy want more than wealth, they want some power. None of this reminds you of our politics? Power is an addictive narcotic, so watch closely and see how you are played as a pawn.

No matter how big, how small, or where you are, politics is politics, Clear Politics.

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