Why Republican?

There seems to be a bit of chirping in the national media about the (R)epublicans losing three seats in special elections they felt were secure Republican seats. (D)emocrats won these seats and Republicans are concerned that this does not bode will for November's election.

Not sure why this is a story, as there is no incentive to vote Republican. They have demonstrated no leadership in fiscal restraint and responsibility; no leadership in smaller government; no leadership in moving beyond the inbred politics of the status quo. In short, Republicans have not distinguished themselves from Democrats, so why not just vote Democrat?

The only thing close to a Republican running may be former Republican Bob Barr, to make his run for office as a Libertarian.

Really, why Republican?

posted at 19:57:17 on 05/14/08 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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