An Energy Equation

There is a lot of talk about the cost of energy. The oil companies are under assault by congress, whether rightly so or not. Third world dictatorships are profiting handsomely due to high oil prices. The response is a call for alternative energy. Many of these alternatives have to do with electricity.

What do these people who are calling for alternatives expect to happen if electric vehicles are developed? If this happens, and we are not able to increase our production of electricity, the cost of electricity will skyrocket! Because, no matter what seems to happen, our governmental leadership panders to a small vocal group of morons who is opposed to the production of energy.

If you have an alternative to nuclear, let us hear about, but it is the most viable, efficient and clean option of energy production. Of course, it is something we have not been developing in this country--as if windmills are the future. We need more energy, period. How are we going to create more energy when we are opposed to the creation process?

When we move to electric alternatives, the price of electricity will skyrocket, just as the price of corn has as we have moved only slightly to ethanol.

To keep a country thriving, you need cheap energy. Is there any source of abundant energy being developed? No, and we will all pay.

We are not all created equal, there are many stupid people out. All ideas are not equal, some are very harmful. Why do we listen to fools? The future is clear, why hide when we can embrace and move forward?

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Anthony wrote:

first let me begin by telling you how much I do agree with your comments...especially about how many fools and "morons" are out there. Let me also comment on one point you metioned, as well:

"Third world dictatorships are profiting handsomely due to high oil prices."

Make NO mistake, it is not only 3rd world dictators who have gotten rich, where do you think George W. gets his money from??? I bet if you check his offshore accounts he has been made more than "handsomely" rich from the high oil prices. He's an oil man with an oil business and friends with the saudis, who by the way made up all but 2 of the 9/11 hijackers...coincidence??? But let's let the idots run the country believing Iraq actually had anything to do with it! And do not get me started on Cheney's profiteering!!!
05/26/08 21:46:40

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