Good and Clear

The good news is that Kenneth Lay has been indicted for his role in robbing the economic engine of billions. Well, that was not the indictment, more along counts of fraudulent, deceptive, scheming activity. His defense: He didn’t know anything.

His defense is a bit of denial. Not know anything? That would be akin to George Bush saying, “War in Iraq? No one ever told me about a war in Iraq.” At least we can understand why Lay thought he would be able to get away with his scheme: HE’S STUPID!

The picture of him in handcuffs was nice.

Kerry hates Edwards. Edwards hates Kerry. Wait, that was just the primary campaign. They didn’t really mean all of the nasty things they said about each other. They really thought that the other was a great man, which means they were lying during the primary campaigning? No. Now they are telling the truth, right? Sure, whatever you want to believe. Once a liar, always a liar. (Or is that once a lawyer always a lawyer.)

If you can’t see the truth about politicians, perhaps you need to be hit in the head with a bigger shovel.

Anyone want waffles for breakfast? Try Roscoe’s, they are honest and good, and the kind of waffles we can all love.

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